Polishing is aimed at obtaining a smooth surface or specular gloss, sometimes used to eliminate gloss (extinction). A polishing wheel is usually used as a polishing tool. The polishing wheel is generally formed by stacking a plurality of layers of canvas, felt or leather, and the two sides are clamped by a metal circular plate, and the rim is coated with a polishing agent uniformly mixed with fine powder abrasive and grease. Through this processing, a high surface gloss can be obtained. However, if the gloss requirement is very low, it is only possible to eliminate the surface burr of the workpiece, and it is also possible to polish the smooth and smooththin flat cutting disc.
Ordinary grinding wheels can be used for direct grinding of burrs. In the case of low roughness requirements, the grinding wheel can be directly polished and polished. If the finish is high, it cannot be directly polished with ordinary grinding wheels. Generally, the grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding. The grinding wheel is the most important type of grinding tool in the grinding process. The characteristics of the grinding wheel are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, bonding agent, hardness, structure, shape and size.

There are many types of methods that can be used for polishing workpieces, depending on the hardness of the material and the roughness requirements. For example, there are cloth wheel polishing, grinding wheel polishing, belt polishing, grinding and polishing, etc. The polishing materials are different, and the polishing method is different, so the polishing effect is also different. When using a grinding wheel for rough grinding, the grinding allowance is large and the required surface roughness value is large. In this case, coarser abrasive grains should be used. Because the abrasive grains are coarse, the pores are large, and the grinding depth is large, the grinding wheel is not easily blocked and heated. When fine grinding, the margin is small, the roughness value is required to be low, and finer abrasive grains can be selected. In general, the finer the abrasive grains, the better the surface roughness of the grinding. If the polishing is for the purpose of obtaining a smooth surface or a specular gloss, the polishing wheel is usually used as a polishing tool, such as cloth polishing.