The electroplated diamond wheel is a diamond wheel made by electrochemical method. Grinding wheel working layer contains diamond grinding

The granules are diamond ground to be bonded to the substrate by a metal bond. First deposit the thickness of the metal bond to the diamond mill

20% of the height of the grain, and then durable cutting off wheel  continue to bond (thicken) the diamond abrasive particles with a metal bond, the thickness is about

2/3 of the abrasive grain height. These include diamond dressing wheels, diamond wheels for grinding or cutting.

1 Principle of electroplated diamond grinding wheel

 The diamond is adsorbed in a weakly acidic solution and slowly moves toward the cathode under the action of an electric field, and finally adsorbs on the surface of the cathode.

 Thus, when continuously adsorbed on the surface of the cathode, the diamond adsorbed on the surface of the crucible is continuously wrapped to form a diamond composite coating.

2 advantages of electroplated diamond grinding wheel

(1) No need to trim, easy to use;

(2) It is possible to make various complicated tools with high precision.

(3) For roller wheels with higher precision requirements, electroplating is currently the only manufacturing method.

(4) The coating is distributed on the substrate and has a uniform thickness, which is not limited by the shape of the substrate.

(5) Electroplating method has simple process, convenient molding, can be repaired, short manufacturing cycle, less equipment investment, etc.