The green silicon carbide grinding wheel is one of the components of the silicon carbide grinding wheel. It occupies a large part of the grinding wheel product. In production, we can process the grinding wheel specifications as needed, and the commonly used one is 7" cut off disc for stainless steel

Green silicon carbide is made of petroleum coke and high-quality silica as the main raw material. It is added with salt as an additive and is smelted by high-temperature resistance furnace. The crystallized smelt is high in purity and hardness, and its hardness is between corundum and diamond. Mechanical strength Higher than corundum.

The raw material used has high purity requirements. It is formed at a high temperature of about 2200 °C in an electric resistance furnace. It is green, translucent and hexagonal. Its Sic content is higher than that of black, and its physical properties are similar to those of black silicon carbide. More brittle than black, also has good thermal conductivity and semiconductor properties

The green silicon carbide grinding wheel is made of green silicon carbide material and the color is green. Because of its material characteristics, it can be widely used to process hard and brittle materials, but it is generally not suitable for processing tough materials.

1. Sharp grain and high hardness, it can grind hard and brittle materials such as hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics and alloy.

2. The brittleness is large, so keeping the water chest angle is poor, it is not suitable for processing work with high toughness.

3. Good thermal conductivity, suitable for grinding and heat deformation. Similar to the single crystal corundum grinding wheel, but the performance is different.

4. Because the material itself is sharp, the green silicon carbide grinding wheel can also be used to process gemstones and other products.