The resin cutting piece used as the sharpening tool must pay attention to the operation specifications when it is used, otherwise it will be prone to accidents. So what can be done to use it as a specification?

First, the use of [''cut off disc for metal] should first comply with the safety rules of GB2494 abrasives;

Second, the cutting piece is only allowed to be used for single piece installation. It is strictly forbidden to install two or more pieces at the same time;

Third, the use speed of the cutting piece can not exceed the working line speed specified by the trademark of the cutting piece. When using the pneumatic grinding machine, it is necessary to prevent the air pressure from being unstable, resulting in the cutting piece exceeding the maximum speed;

Four. The storage time of the resin cutting piece is one year. If the time exceeds the time, the rotary inspection should be carried out again.

Five. When using the cutting piece, it is necessary to make a slight force. If the force is too strong, it will easily stop, jam and break the cutting piece. If it is stuck, the cutting piece should be lifted immediately to avoid burning or chipping of the cutting piece.