In the process of pipe cutting, some small details that we ignore may have a great impact on the cutting effect and cutting efficiency. So what do we pay attention to when use thin flat cutting disc  in the metal pipe cutting?

1. The workpieces processed by the cutting machine must be clamped reliably. If the workpiece is not clamped, the cutting at the beginning will affect the cutting effect and affect the service life of the saw blade. When clamping the workpiece, the clamping should be stable and firm. The protective cover must be installed correctly. After the clamping, it should be turned on and checked, and there must be no vibration or abnormal noise.

2, the power line must be safe and secure, it is strictly prohibited to privately pull, be careful that the power cord is placed, do not be cut off. Care must be taken to check the performance of the equipment before use to ensure that the components are in good condition. Wear suitable overalls. Do not wear loose overalls. Do not wear jewelry or long hair. Do not wear gloves and cuffs. When the operator is not standing behind the saw, power off, rest or work separately, the power should be turned off immediately.

3. When changing the new thin flat cutting disc or grinding wheel in the middle, do not use the locking nut too hard to prevent the saw blade or the grinding wheel from cracking. The manual cutting machine should hold the cutting machine handle firmly under the average force, and the fixed end should be firm and firm. The small workpiece or the edge with serious edges should not be clamped too tightly to prevent the saw blade from bursting when sawing.

4. In order to improve the working efficiency, before the sawing of a single pipe fitting or a plurality of pipe fittings, it is necessary to do a good job of auxiliary clamping positioning, do not stop the powerful cutting operation, and wait until the motor speed reaches full speed before cutting. Do not loosen any hand or lift the arm from the saw or workpiece when the saw blade is not stopped. Do not operate the maintenance cover when it is not in place. Do not place your hand within 15 cm of the saw blade; do not cross over or bypass the saw machine. It is advisable to apply 45 degrees to the side of the body during operation.

5, there is an abnormal sound, should immediately stop the inspection; before repairing or changing the accessories must first cut off the power, and wait for the saw blade to complete the suspension before stopping the next operation.