Solve environmental factors affecting the cutting piece film

A variety of thin flat cutting disc sheets bring great convenience to the cutting of different materials in our daily life, but many companies often encounter the problem of cutting films during the process of use, which has become an urgent need for manufacturers to solve. problem.

Steps to avoid cutting the film during the cutting process

A. Weather and environmental impact solutions:

1 If the factory environment is not suitable for the production of resin grinding wheels, install an air conditioning system to ensure that the room temperature is not higher than 20 °C.

2 If the air conditioning system cannot be installed, you can ask the phenolic resin supplier to adjust some technical indicators (mainly adjust the gelation time of the phenolic resin) to adapt to the hardening conditions.

B. Resin grinding wheel large slice formula design solution:

1 The formula is designed with full consideration of the difference between phenolic resin and filler used in cold forming and hot forming. In addition to the proper proportion of binder, Huawo cutting wheel formula design requirements must fully consider the scientific combination of the variety of fillers and the reasonable use of the proportion of filler.

2 Formula design should fully consider the influence of the density of the grinding wheel on the production of the film. It is recommended to increase the density of the wheel appropriately.

C. Strict check of raw materials used in resin grinding wheels

1 In the period when the film is most prone to occur, it is necessary to use a liquid phenolic resin with a volatile phenol and a low moisture content, and a powder phenolic resin having a low free phenol and a short flow length.

2 The grinding wheel filling material is added to the sieving process and used after drying if necessary.

3 Reduce the amount of waxy release agent such as paraffin, and if necessary, use a mold release agent with a high volatilization temperature.