A grinder is a China cut off disc grinder that grinds the surface of a workpiece with a lap that is coated or embedded with abrasive. It is mainly used for grinding high-precision planes, inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, thread surfaces and other profiles in workpieces. Used for single-sided grinding and polishing of materials.
The plane grinding machine is a precision grinding and polishing equipment. The grinding and polishing materials are placed on a flat grinding disc. The grinding disc rotates counterclockwise. The correction wheel drives the workpiece to rotate, gravity presses or other means to press the workpiece, and the workpiece and the grinding disc are used. Relative to running friction, to achieve the purpose of grinding and polishing. Abrasive particles that produce grinding have two sources, one from continuous addition (often referred to as free abrasive) and the other in which the abrasive particles are held in a grinding disc (often referred to as a fixed abrasive).
The flatness of the grinding disc is the basis for grinding and is guaranteed by the plane of the precision workpiece. During the grinding process, the flatness of the grinding disc will decrease, which is mainly due to the difference in the inner and outer thread speeds of the grinding disc and the inconsistent wear. The grinding disc needs to be regularly trimmed. There are two ways to trim: 1 is to use the reference plane to plate the diamond dressing wheel to repair the surface. Since the electroplated diamond dressing wheel is basically not worn, a higher flatness can be obtained. After the shaving is finished by the dressing mechanism, a good flatness can also be obtained. The principle of the dressing is the same as that of the lathe. The grinding disc rotates, and a knife that can move back and forth is cut by the cutter rod to obtain a plane.