high efficient metal abrasive disc

In the process of industrial production and manufacturing, it is sometimes necessary to carry out certain cutting and polishing processes. At this time, the use of the high efficient metal abrasive disc is very necessary, and with the continuous development, it also has different types for the grinding disc. Metal grinding disc is one of them, but it is very important for cleaning it. Here, Chinese grinding disc supplier analyzes the method of grinding disc cleaning.

The high efficient metal abrasive disc is an important abrasive tool in the grinding process. A binder is added to the abrasive. The porous object produced by various processes will be cleaned once in a few days, and it is difficult to clean after high temperature. We must do it according to the requirements, otherwise it will reduce the life of the high efficient metal abrasive disc. In the production process, we need to use the diamond grinding disc to polish the belt. Generally, the grinding disc will be unloaded and cleaned after 5-7 days of operation. Rubber crumb, adhered to the surface of corundum after high temperature friction, it is difficult to clean) Cleaning requirements: 1, environmentally friendly, no ketone, can not be halogenated hydrocarbons. 2, can not damage the grinding disc.

The above is the introduction of the cleaning method of the high efficient metal abrasive disc. I hope that after the above introduction, it can be helpful to everyone. The use of the grinding disc needs to pay attention to the proper use method, so that it can help to extend the corresponding service life. You need to know more information or need high quality products, you can contact us, our contact information is +86 15617985439, welcome to inquire, we will be happy to help you.